Who do you think will make it in this season's American Idol?

For all you AI watchers(: I really like Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. I think one, if not both, will make it to the top five. Who do you guys favor and or think will win this season?

Answer #1

anyone can. they’re all great. i would have gone on but i dont have the guts!

Answer #2

CASEY!!!!! i love him and hes my bf best friend haha i hope he wins!

Answer #3

You don’t have a favorite this year? Aw, you should have(: If singing is something you enjoy doing, take the chance, girl!

Answer #4

I LOVE how he is so musically inclinced. He is amazing with intruments and his voice is so great!

Answer #5

thanks so much but the bad part is i have to wait another year :(

Answer #6

yea i love his personality as well hes very upbeat

Answer #7

That doesn’t neccisarily have to be bad, use the time to harness your voice, empower it. Get it to be the best it can be, so when the next auditions roll around you’ll be ready to go(:

Answer #8

I think he’s going to make it far! He’s got a lot of talent!

Answer #9

I really liked Scotty McCreery but I’m not sure if he can sing all the types of music America wants.. Imagine somthing like 80’s night…. not good :P

Answer #10

I think he did amazing with the Beatles song he did. He definitely toned down the country in his voice. But I get what you’re saying! He’s still really talented though<3

Answer #11

HHmmm I havn’t watched that episode yet… I need to :)

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