How do you feel about the USA sending money to other countries, does it make you mad with the economy so bad?

“Not To Cause An Uproar.” What are your thoughts & views?

Answer #1

Yes, cuz how can u help someone else when u can’t help urself

Answer #2

Good answer!

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Answer #4

I do recognize that there are other countries that do need help, but I find it a little ridiculous for a country to go and send out thousands or millions of dollars to another country when their own needs it just as badly. I’m not sure what the circumstances in the USA are, but I know that in Canada, that there are TONS of families and people that need help. There are people in homeless shelters, living on streets or dying of hunger.. Why the heck not help them first? If our country has the money to spare, why not reach out to our own?

It’s beyond wrong.

Answer #5

10 billion a year between Egypt and Israel…

…one just ended a 30 year dictatorship. The other attacked a US aircraft carrier that John McCain was in charge of to attempt to start a war…

…you know, the war hero, former presidential candidate.

How do YOU feel? :)

Answer #6

I’m waiting to weigh in my thoughts, as of yet.. I will say this; 10 billion to use a canal, is insane, 10 billion to any country is insane. Especially when I’m driving an F150, w/dual tanks.

Answer #7

It is very frustrating. I believe that the united states should focus more on its people, the millions of foster kids, homeless people, and others who are starving daily then sending money to other countries. The say its to help them but the united states only has one reason to help other places and that reason is to benefit the country in some way. Regardless every country should focus more on itself than others and there might be as many problems going on.

Answer #8

I think that we should help a country who needs help, that’s ok by me, but when the economy is like this, we need to cut back, and use it for what we really need, and also find our need first, or at least the most important ones.

Answer #9

It appears that the US gives out over $26 billion dollars in foreign aid per year. Most of the money right now is going to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan . With around 5 Billion going to Iraq and 1.5 billion to Afghanistan, but if you`re talking about direct aid the most supposedly goes to Israel (around 2.5 billion/ year) followed by Egypt, Pakistan and Jordan. In addition, US citizens give out over $250 billion dollars in private charity per year. Where is this money coming from? Not to mention, we are indebted to China. & even China receives aid from other countries.
In fact; I don’t remember where but I know there is a way one can find out how much is given to foreign countries. It is public record. The thing is, many of these countries can’t pay America back and the loan is forgiven. Makes “you” wonder for those citizens who are really, really struggling & stuck trying to pay what’s due to America’s IRS.
“We” all know what happen’s when one does not pay. It’s not forgiven, & you end up in court. These foreign countries don’t contribute one cent to America in taxes, yet the American public gets their taxes deducted from their pay checks, still having many paying the IRS at years end. Go figure that one out.
The countries that will not support the us, take handouts from us tax payers, but will not agree with the us & the UN and help avoid possible wars. Why keep giving them money?
I am trying to understand our leaders. I don’t think we should be giving any other countries money. & I’m not going to make this topic about oil or the high gas prices we are all having to endure, or the fact that our men & women up in Congress are able to go up on their wages, or minimum wage not going up, or the reason why you may or may not get a stimulus check next year, the reason why, the price of eggs, potatoes, & milk has gone up, the next time you go grocery shopping. Why a cup of coffee at Starbucks has gone from $2.25 to $3.75. I even hate to be the bearer of bad news. But, It’s not going to get any better, It will not get any better. As citizens of the good old “US of A” Do not expect any more assistance from the government. Rather you are a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, etc.. Who ever is in charge of controlling the spending, Its all just a contest to see who can get into office & empty out “Our Treasury” the fastest.. Lastly, foreign “aid” it’s bad enough our leaders taking from the people to divide amongst themselves, but sending it outside the country? I’m not talking about ethics, just legality aspects of it, Unconstitutional. These (other countries) aren’t governed by our constitution, & we are. The government has really hit “Us All” where it hurts. & that’s in the pockets…. “Give the power back to the people.”

Answer #10

Please cut off Government funding to other Countries.

Thank you..

Answer #11

This is a no brainer. We have to stop the hemorrhaging and cauterize the wounds.

Interventionist policy was proposed as a way to open up relations with the world and create markets for our goods and services. It has been shown to be a tool for the multinationals to leach off of sweatshop slave labor and should anyone put up a fight… to use American tax money and the war machine to wrest control from unruly hands. The only benefactors are the syndicate elite. We have lost our manufacturing base… and have still seen an increased Consumer Price Index. and since the advent of the internet… the multinationals have realized that many service industries work just as well when based in other countries.

Not to beat a dead horse… unless perhaps to resuscitate… but the first order of business is to destroy the mechanism that has allowed these grievances to occur. We have to end the Federal Reserve along with the remaining central banks and return to sound money. No more fiat dollars. Not an IMF fiat backed arbitrary Special Drawing Right [SDR] currency. Real… tangible… imperishable… money.

Answer #12

We don’t devote nearly enough money to equitable and sustainable economic development, either at home or abroad. Most of our “aid” is military and serves mainly to direct our tax money into the pockets of wealthy arms merchants. We receive more money from impoverished countries than we give them. The real line that divides people is not between one country and another, but between the few of our brothers who already own the the lion’s share of the world’s wealth but still can’t wait to get their hands on what’s left, and the rest of us earthlings. The way out of a global economic crisis is not through national or individual self-isolation and “looking out for number one,” but through turning to each other in generous mutual support - just like we try to do here on FA.

Answer #13

Jeremy, what’s this aircraft carrier incident you’re talking about?

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