unsolvable math problem

Okay so three guys decide to split a hotel room. they go up to the hotel manager and he says the room is thirty dollars so they each pay ten dollars. Well later the manager realizes that the room is on sale that night for twenty five dollars but the manager doesn’t know how to divide five dollars between three people so he keeps two and gives each guy one dollar. So that means each guy payed nine dollars right? Well multiply nine by three and you get 27 plus the two dollars that the manager kept is twenty nine… pretty crazy right?

Answer #1

haha you gotta rub it in huh :(

Answer #2

uhm right UNSOLVABLE isnt the term id use… id say WRONG would be what id call it…

to get 28 dollars the manager had to give each guy 9.33 dollars, you cant round it up or down because youll get a wrong calculation… so if you do 9.33 X 3 = 27.99 dollars…

Answer #3

well I know it isn’t actually unsolvable but it proves that math is flawed if you word it just right

Answer #4

I hate math!!!

Answer #5

Math is flawed, number 10 is an evil number.

Answer #6

It doesn’t prove “math is flawed”, it proves people are flawed, and get math wrong.

Answer #7

goof dude. you got serverd by arachnid. it doesnt matter how you worded it. its how its solved.

Answer #8

Alright, in the order you worded it:

After staying: 3 customers @ -$10 each, Hotel @ +$30, total = $0 After refund: 3 customers @ -$9 each, Hotel @ +25, Manager @ +$2, total = $0.

Looks fine to me. No ‘missing dollar’ anywhere. The mistake is in trying to compare the original $30 paid with the totals after the ‘creative accounting’ by the manager. No money has gone missing.

Analogously, the customers could’ve paid the manager $27 to start, and he could have pocketed $2.

Answer #9

dude write out the problem in the order I worded it. then check your math and see what the outcome is…

Answer #10

Its easy. Its a symetricaly reversed trigonometric pattern. Trigonomotry= low based Calculus. Simpl really.I’m 13 and I know this; like adding 2+2.

2+2=4 or (high based pysics) 2f+2f+c^l)bin|hex= n Which do you prefur? 2+2 or the hard one.

Answer #11

Sum of the amount those three guys spend and the amount the manager pockets have nothing to do with 30. It’s just this example where it comes close to 30. Just try it like this-> (If the question was) the generous manager gave back 6$ instead, each guy would have paid 8$ each and the manager loses 1$. Therefore, the total equals (8x3)-1=23$ which is nowhere near 30. It’s wrong assumption that the total should be 30$. Actually the 2 $ that the manager profits is because he charged 27$ instead of 25$.

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