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1- Ann is driving down a street at 60 km/h.
Suddenly a child runs into the street.
If it takes Ann 0.774 s to react and apply
the brakes, how far will she have moved before
she begins to slow down?
Answer in units of m.

2- A glacier advances at 4.8 × 10−6 cm/s.
How far will it move in 75000 s?
Answer in units of cm.
How far will it move in 6.4 y?
Answer in units of cm.

3- A polar bear starts at the North Pole. It
travels 1 km South, then 1 km East, then
1 km North to return to its starting point.
This trip takes 0.5 h.
What was the bear’s average velocity?
Answer in units of km/h.