Should I go to university in the USA or the UK?

So, I’m 14, almost 15, and I live in the UK, and I’m thinking about my future, and one of my friends had the idea of going to university in the USA, would that help me in later life in the UK, would that only be helpful if I moved to the UK? Any other info you might think is helpful?

Answer #1

Just chill and see what happens,you are a few years away from such a move and anything could happen until then…Love might even take you some place else? Time will tell.

Answer #2

If you go to Uni in the US, and you’re not a permanent resident, the tuition fees are going to be double what they are to a domestic student.

Answer #3

I’m pretty sure a degree is a degree as far as using it to apply for jobs in the future but obviously you got no financial support in USA so you’d need to be super-awesome and get a scholarship :P

Answer #4

I think UK is much better than USA u should try for UK and best of luck.

Answer #5

If you are living in UK then i should say u should study in UK because it will be in your country

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