What's the best underwater camera for snorkeling?

Answer #1

Any camera that has a special underwater housing will work fine. The housings keep water from the camera, and prevent damage due to moisture and salt. They can be really expensive, though.

Answer #2

Is there any small camera that doesn’t require housing. Something small and easy to carry while in the water?

Answer #3

I think that there are some disposable cameras that work well - I’ve seen some great shots that came from disposables. They are basically single use self-enclosed units. Any worthwhile camera shop near a beach should sell them.

Answer #4

Between the two we tried (kodak and olympus) the olympus made a far better underwater camera.

However, the very best underwater pictures are taken by an SLR with a special housing and mounted to a frame. So you’d use a Nikon SLR, buy a housing kit, and an underwater mounting kit for the special flash / light you’ll need to get the very best pictures.

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