If a guy cums inside you, can you feel it?

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Okay just because he ejaculates in you does not mean you will (no matter what) get pregnant or get an STD. Dont let people scare you. If you trust your partner, you've both been tested, and you are prepared to raise a baby if necessary, then go for it. Otherwise wear a condom and get put on birth control. SAFE SEX is for the best in almost any situation. Unless your married and in love with your future babies daddy.

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9 months later youll feel it

Can you feel it when a guy cums inside you?
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If he does...you will either get pregnant or get an std. So I suggest you dont allow him to do it. And no you cant feel it cause I am presuming that you are also wet.

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First off, I definitely wouldnt recommend it, because we all know that STDS can transfer, as well as pregnancy rates.So dont try it unless you are on the pill, and you fully trust your partner.

But to answer your question, yes, you can. It just feels warm and almost like a full feeling.

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I love the feeling its great I love cum mmm cum ...x

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