Can you feel it when a guy cums inside you?

Can you feel it when a guy cums in you? How does it feel? Is it like running water?

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Yes you can!

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yes you can feel it and you feel as if you a in heaven, it realy feels god and difficult to explain, so try it.

If a guy cums inside you, can you feel it?
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try it n c wot happens

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It feels real nice, sort of warm and gooey. It's hard to explain. It can be a little messy afterwards too. It's got to come out eventually right. So be prepared. On your bed, on your floor, or in your panties. And it's hard to clean up sometimes.

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if ur sooo so horny no u cant feel it

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It feels sooo good. And yes, you can feel it unless you are dead down there. No it is like thick country gravy.

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I can feel it inside me, when he comes. Maybe I'm strange, but I can feel it squirting, and it feel really warm. Sometimes, it makes me come. As far as messy, yes, but if I spread wide, and let it ooze out of me. It sometimes, gets him excited all over again, and that can't be all bad, right. Anyway, better on your bed than in your panties, right.

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how come sometimes I feel it and sometimes I don't?...

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