Can you feel the guy's penis in your stomach during sex?

This question is completely out of curiosity, but I heard that when you have sex, you can feel the guys dick in your stomach. Is that true and what's it like?

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No, it's not true.
People who told you this know nothing,
&& they're ignorant.

Honestly, it's different for everybody,
se we can't really tell you what it's like,
but no, you cna't feel it in your stomach.

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Yes you can if he pushes harder enough and goes deeper that's all I can think of especially if he's hittin it from the back

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Stomach pains after we have sex
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Thats freaky

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but should you get a sharp pain in that area when you pee the day after?

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In a way yes, it is true.

It depends on what you call "stomach." If you mean the sac where your food goes, in the upper part of your belly, then no - that's too high up (to be pushed against, which is what you feel - the penis doesn't go "inside" any part of your stomach). But if you mean stomach in general, including lower stomach (around and below the belly button) then yes, it is VERY possible and I know because I feel it every night with my boyfriend. If the guy is big, you do feel like he's poking all over your insides, haha :P Of course, he isn't - what's happening is he's pushing against the walls inside the vagina, which then are pushing against other organs, and so on. If you are on your back and the guy is pushing hard, you can actually see the surface of your belly around the belly button go up and down, haha. It's quite funny to watch and feels deep and good, but can hurt if the guy isn't careful.

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ermmm...depends on the person but I can sometimes feel my fiance in my stomach area, so its definately possible!!

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well from my personal experiences...aka last definitely can. It feels like a sharp pain in your lower stomach and it is not like a ooh ahh moment it is more of a god dang that shit hurt moment and you never want to feel it again. its not a sign showing that the guy is good or bad because honestly its not a pleasurable feeling.

Stomach pain during sex

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