Do you think I am totally ugly?

Do you think I am totally ugly? :( I think I am

Answer #1

sexy boy,I think I want to see a pic of you before I answer any of your questions!

Answer #2

That lady 38 years old and she talking about a little girl like that. Thats a shame, she needs a life. But no you are not ugly sweetie. Dont listen to her. : )

Answer #3

oh good ness…

Girls your age are WAY too worried about weather or not they are pretty. Let me just ask you this question. What makes you feel like you have to prove your self to anyone? I used to do the same kinda things when I was your age… Always wanted the approvel of someone else, someone prettier, someone older. I never looked deep inside myself and found the true beauty. Then one day I decided I was just as good as anyone else, NO not better than anyone, but equal. And I finally became my own person instead of always looking for answers in someone else. Now I am a sucsessful person with lots of self esteem. I love my self and who I am… You need to start looking for that person, the same person I found, without anyones but your OWN approvel… Smile girl. Your beautiful

Answer #4

Its hard to tell someone they aren’t ugly when they are sitting there putting themselves down. Gain some self-respect and some self-confidence.

Answer #5

well just to tell you the truth you kindda do look ugly.

Answer #6

dont put your pics on here then…im not saying you are though…

Answer #7

you’re cute, for a little girl.

Answer #8

aw I dont think your ugly…theres no such thing as “ugly person” on this earth :)

Answer #9

defiedently no but hint I used to think I was ugly but im not if you pretend to have confidence you reallt will

Answer #10

You need to smile in your pictures, you are a cute girl, be happy being you!

Answer #11

like I said… read my advice again. and Go with it… stop worrying…

Answer #12

You’r are not too ugly and do you have a boyfriend? because I like you!!!

Answer #13

lol thanks guys. PS my friend made up the name

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