Do you think im ugly?

I know this is a strange question but I was told lately that I was ugly. Sorry I just have to know.

Answer #1

no your very pretty why would you even think that you r ugly?if it is because of some stupid boy then just 4get them and go out and have fun

Answer #2

You’re nice looking - smile more - evidently some village is missing it’s idiot !! :-)

Answer #3

Everyone has beauty, always remember that.

Answer #4

out of 10 id say 6 1/2 with a smile lol

Answer #5

no… your pretty dont think your ugly!

Answer #6

omg don’t let peoples commentz get 2 you everyone Iz beautiful in their own way. People who says datchu ugly they don’t have anything to do they are loser and will always b! so don’t worry your beautiful!

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