How do i lose holiday weight fast?

ok so we all love the holidays...and the food and unfortunatly I gained 5 lbs and need to lose it really fast how can I!!! and I dont have any time to work out!!! and now I am like really fat looking and my but got big which I really cant have because we wear spandex in volleyball!!! if you no what im saying!!! lol but I need some help and fast!!!

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^ no!!! where did you see that!!! I sometimes tell people to be happy w/ themselves and how they look and weight doesnt matter but im doing this so I can stay in shape for volleyball!!! o no I didnt no people though of me like that! thanx for telling me! dilz =]

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your in volleyball..don't worry..if it's just five pounds you'll drop it fast..just go back to your regular diet. unless that includs snacks then just chew gum and drink a lot of water whenever you'r feeling like you need a snack..if it's a meal eat, but in moderation..

How do I lose weight fast?

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arnt you the one who always tells people to stop asking how to loose weight and stop saying they are fat because they are doin it for 'attention'??

Needs to lose weight FAST!
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Hi read this article:

How can I lose weight fast?

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^ thanx a lot! I will really try! lol...I didnt mean that sarcasticly either! thanx =]

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