Why do uggs make your feel smell really bad when you take them off ?

-.- even if you wear socks,

Answer #1

Anytime your feet are enclosed in a tight area for a long period of time they are going to smell because our feet sweat. Sprinkle some baby powder on your feet before you put socks on and some iin your shoes, it absorbs moisture and will help with the smell.

Answer #2

thanks lol.

Answer #3

One more thing I’d add is that during puberty when hormones are raging, foot odor can be a particular problem. I know when I was a teen I showered at least once a day but my feet still reeked if I didn’t use foot deodorant.

Answer #4

but it’s only when i wear uggs.

Answer #5

The main cause of feet smelling would be sweat ,especially the fact your wearing Uggs because those shoes have fur and ect inside which causes a lot of sweat . The smell is caused by bacteria on our skin that eats the sweat and excretes waste that has a strong odor. Some Tips that will help you get rid of bad odor would be to use a foot scrub , using good products which you can buy at Bath & Body. Also , wear socks with your shoes. Another would also to dry out your shoes before you go inside the house , i usually leave my moccasins and uggs outside which helps get the stink away.

Answer #6

theres alot more heat in uggs because there a think type of boots what i sujest is adding baby powder into your socks(if you wear socks with ur uggs i personally do) or to put it in the boot itself if u dont wear socks with it you may also want to try putting on a foot spray before putting on the uggs to ether cover up or prevent the oder

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