Typing a registration symbol?

What Font and Key strokes type a Registration Symbol?

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I know that some Fonts you can actually use a sequence of key strokes (Ex: Command/Shift/R). But I can't remember which font. I'm also working with a Mac.

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Alt + 0174


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In HTML it's amersand, copy, semicolon, all squished together...in MS Word, use the "insert" menu, and then click "symbol" and then click the c with the circle around it...more specifics will help us help if those aren't the typing shortcuts you're looking for.

Star symbol
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Not to contradict TheDude but for a Registration symbol in HTML it's ampersand, poundsign, 174,semicolon.

For the copyright symbol it could also be written using ampersand, poundsign, 169, semicolon

For all of the above just remove the commas.


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If you're using windows, try the character map in your system tools - it's a simple copy and paste

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