How do you type different symbols?

Hi how do you type symbols like stars hearts and all that. Because im gonna write on my other file in another website about my cat because it died an hour ago :( and on my profile it asks you if you have pets :(

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I am so sorry about your cat. Losing a beloved pet can be so sad. Accept my condolences. ♥♥ ♪ ♫ ♥♥ See below...

The above line was typed with 'ALT' codes, you hold down the 'ALT' key, type the number on the KEYPAD (not the top row of numbers), then release the 'ALT' key - I.e. for the heart symbol (the third in that row) hold down the 'ALT' key, tap the '3' on your keypad, then release the 'ALT' key.
And the up arrow is the 24th character and that is 1.) Hold the 'ALT' key, 2.) tap the '2' then '4', and then 3.) release the 'ALT' key.
Officially this is known as the 'CP437 character set' and can be found on the internet. It also will give you special foreign language symbols, math symbols, and others.
It may not work on all websites, but you can give it a try.

Good Luck!!

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;) :P :D thankx I want 2 write all about my cat because he died and put stars and that 2 make it look nice so thnkx

How to draw peace symbols?

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Hearts: ♥ ♡ ღ
Stars: ☆ ★
Butterfly: εїз

Smiley face : )
Wink ; )
Very happy :D
Cute :3
Cheeky :P
Confused :S
Shocked :O

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<3 heart
;) wink
:P tongue
:D big smile

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