What type of scarf should I get my coworker?

She’s in her mid to late 40s, she’s kinda conservative but she occasionally has like a splash of color on her. My fav is the black but I wonder if it is too young?

Answer #1

Hmm thats a hard one they all look real nice :l i think i would go with the second one because it can match anything

Answer #2

lol, i know, it took me forever to find these, i looked at literally thousands of scarves. thanks for the input!

Answer #3

i say the first or second one, theyre both very cute and they can go with alot of different outfits. I bet she would like anything you get her :)

Answer #4

They are all nice, cant decide either the second or last one. Both of them go with anything! :)

Answer #5

no problem hope you find the right one :)

Answer #6

I LOVE the third one with the zig zaggy pattern with the pinkish and grey. In fact now I want that scarf!!!! Haha. But for someone you don’t know very closely, I’d go for the black one. It’s safe- she will always have something to wear it with, and it’s not too ‘out there’ (you mentioned she was kind of conservative).

Answer #7

lol! i was hoping for a unanimous vote here! you dont think the black is too young looking? it was my favorite so she’d probably like it too (oddly enough my coworker and i have similar tastes…)

Answer #8

I really like the third one, I can totally see my mother rocking out with that scarf :)

Answer #9

Considering her age into factor and that shes more conservative, i would choose either the 2nd or the 4th. The first one is nice, but since its one solid color it cant be worn with a whole lot of different outfits. The second one could be worn with tons of outfits and has a cute pattern that could go for an older lady or younger one depending on the outfit. The 3rd seems too young, plus pink is one of those colors that women either hate or love…you never know. The last one would be a good choice, its mature and cute and the different colors will allow it to be worn more often.

Answer #10

I like the second one, the grey one

Answer #11

brown is a solid neutral, can be worn with pretty much any color.

Answer #12

the last one it is good use of colors and the texture and dullness is used wisely

Answer #13

Oh I love the second one! It would match just about anything.

Answer #14

I agree with you Mandyloo. I personally LOVE the 4th one, it will match a lot of things, and it’s “fun”…yet not too crazy. :]

Answer #15

The second one definately. Its beautiful.

Answer #16

actually it isn’t brown, it just shows up that way, it’s this beautiful redish plum like color, which is gorgeous, but not practical (didn’t think about that).

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