Do you think the type of music you like and gets stuck in your head has something to do with ur personality ?

Answer #1

i think it does have to do with ur personality or the way u feeling rit now for example if u lisen to a sad song when u sad that song goin to get stuck in ur head

Answer #2

Totally! I love rock music and that stuff gets me riled up. However my boyfriend says its hate angry music lol I guess it sounds like that but it makes me happy actually.

Answer #3

Well every kinda music gets stuck in my head(: sooo idk? But if I don’t like a song it won’t get stuck in my head. Usally if I hear a song it gets stuck in my head, OMG THEN if I try and think of anotha song I can’t member the rythm bcuz I have the otha song in my head.


Answer #4

Not all the time im pretty much a hick and i listen to rap, and rock, and country

Answer #5

Sometimes i really do think so,because i listen to almost all genre’s not all but for example, rock, metal, alternative, rap, hip-hop r&b etc. and im like that with everything i like any type of food im not picky, i dont think im picky with anything except clothes, but even that i can’t settle one look, i like to switch it around and make it my own. :D So i think it is part of my personality, good question :)

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