What type of camera/tripod would you recomened?

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Me, I like the nikon SLR series...but, I have a few friends who have non nikon SLR cameras. The majority seem to buy that one.

Tripod wise, there are some compact ones that are fairly stable, forget the brand off hand, that you can use which provide great support and decent length. Any decent camera shop or amazon will probably suggest a tripod to you :)

Also, with any SLR camera, you can use the same lenses for multiple body types, which means that if you upgrade later, you can still use the lenses, which ultimately cost more than the camera body does, if you buy more than one.

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You could also try Canon. I'm a huge Canon fan, they make really good Camera bodies. As for Nikon, they make awesome lenses. Manfrotto tripods, as well as Sunpak tripods are very convenient as well as strong and durable. I have a Canon Rebel XS film SLR and a Canon Rebel XT Digital SLR, I can easily use my EF lens from my film SLR on my Rebel XT. If you want more advice on buying camera's and tripods, go to your local camera store and ask around.

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The only people I know that don't carry a Nikon SLR, use Canon. :)

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Yea! Haha, Canon and Nikon are both so good its close competition x]

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No...I didn't say it was close. In fact, 80% of my friends have Nikon, only 10% have Canon, the rest have Sony or something else...for small, point and shoot of course, Sony is winning by a mile. :)

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No way! :[ I guess I'm a Canon supporter :P You're for Nikon?

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