Would anyone possibly know why my camera has such awful timing?

It's a Nikon Coolpix S4000 and it takes forever to take a picture. Once I click the capture button, it takes a good 5 seconds to take the picture and that is just not how I roll, I'm an instantenous guy, what can I say? So does anyone know?

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check out the timimg delay ............ it is possible that the timing delay is on

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its scared of you. lol jk idk. could be just cuz its old

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if its old then well its old and takes a bit to take a picture. But on the other hand i just got the new sony cyber shot camera and it takes a few seconds once i press the button, so it just may be the brand, try trading it in for some cash and buy a new one :)

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Better get a new one. My dad had the same problem with the old cameras. The new ones all take them pretty quick.

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It's 3 months old though? What is the standard for "old" anyway?

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