Two-Toned Hair, I need help!!

I had naturally dark brown hair but I had used some semi-permanent dye’s in the past. I wanted to go blonde so I put peroxide in it. My roots went blonde and the rest of hair which had colour still in it went orange. So I peroxided it again. Now my hair is Half white blonde and half orange. If I peroxide it again, will the ends still come out darker? And if I peroxide it again will the roots get even blonder?? I need answers quick please!!!

Answer #1

This is why you should not ever try and dye your hair blonde at home. You dont know what you are doing, and it’s a job best left to a professional - remember that hair dye is chemicals and can be harmful is used wrong or too often.

As for fixing it - the reason the part turned orange is because you tried to peroxide over dyed hair. You can’t do that. It doesn’t work. You have to strip ANY hair dye out of your hair before you try and dye it blonde - other wise you will be left with orange hair. You need to go to a professional to get this fixed before you make it worse.

Answer #2

no at this rate your going to burn all of your hair off peroxide is a dangerosue chemical your roots went blonde because peroxide works quicker when its warm and the top of your head were the roots are are warmer than the rest of your hair so your roots get bleached faster but what you dont realsie is that ornage is the natural pigment under your blonde hair so twhen you bvleach it, the first feww times it will go orange peroxide/bleach damages your hair its destroys its health, strength and shine and if you leave it on for too long or bleach it too ofetn in the same day youll burn your hair completely off you should stop the diy job now and get the rest done profesionally at a salon hopefull they can save your alreday damaged hair

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