I need help with dieing my hair please!!!

Okay so, my natural color is brown.. And me like a retard went to go and put a lot of blonde in it, with a bit of toner, and black at de bottom.. And my roots are growing in.. Soo basicially I got like two types of blondes, my natural all as streaks and blackk.. At the bottom of my hair! So, in order to get back my natural color.. Do I got to bleach my hole head first? .. Or can I just go to the hair dresser and ask them to dye my hole hairrr light brown! Please can an expertt help me?!!! .. Lol or sumone goood

Answer #1

yea, I wanna go brown buttt I dunt wanna have to bleach my hole head blonde den dye it brown :( you know what I mean

Answer #2

I think you should dye your whole hair brown again.. Because if you bleach you whole head again then the roots are gonna start growing back and your head will look half blonde half brown [oo] haha, well. That’s just what I think =]

Answer #3

hi there

hmmm if you want to colour your hair back to brown you colour the lightest hair first for about 15mins then put the rest of the colour all over for another 15-30mins

do not bleach your hair

bleach damages the hair shaft. and can cause your hair to snap

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