Twillight book by stephenie mayer.

Do you know twillight by stephenie mayer? And her others, like eclipse, breaking dawn, new moon (I dont know them in order). So, are they really good? My cousin says so, so does her friend, and some others of mine. What do you think of it? Is it worth it if I buy it?

Answer #1

Yeah, that’s so true. Every other book seems so bad, compared to those books!

Answer #2

The Order is… Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn…

and yes they are amazing books… ever since I started reading them I just read them over and over again.. I love all 4 of them… I own them all… they are my favorite books… but after you read them all the other books youve read just seem kinda dumb… I don’t know thats what I think…

Answer #3

twilight new moon eclipse breaking dawn. they first one is pretty good. second one is okay. third one is good. forth one is okay.

Answer #4

they’re amazing!! you have to read them!

Answer #5

Yes, they are sooo good! They are all really good. I like all of them the same. They are so awesome!

Answer #6

hell yea their really good! I’ve read them all like 50 times each!(:

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