Does anyone think that the TV show "Mike&Molly" is portraying America as a place where most people are over weight?

Or do you think that they are stepping away from anorexic models, giving off a un-realistic vibe?

Answer #1

yeah, well some people dont even care about theyr bodies any more. its sad. did you know if we continue on the same bodie weight groth we have been on latly, over 60% of the people in the US will have diabeties. its sad.

Answer #2

From what I understand the majority of people in the United States are overweight (Its like 60% or something), so maybe they are trying to appeal to a larger audience range.

Answer #3

I think it’s a just a show about a couple of people who are struggling with their weight, who happen to be American…I don’t think it’s portraying an entire nation in any way. They could be from Europe and it would be no different.

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