How to turn my windows to MAC?

I want to change the whole windows 7 to MAC… like a genuine copy of mac make sure its free.. THANKS

Answer #1

um u get some1 to buy mac snow leopard and u take it and install it there free for u. haha

Answer #2

how much it cost? mac snow leapord… my family is kinda poor so hope its not expensive

Answer #3

I’m not 100% sure that, that is possible, as after all it isn’t possible to run the Windows OS on a mac without the use of Parallels. I did some research for it a while ago, but came up with nothing. Parallels only works for running windows on a mac and i have found no program that will do the opposite. And that is after all still running the mac os and just putting windows on top of it. I doubt you will ever get your PC to boot in a Mac OS. Why not try Linux…

Answer #4

30 i think

Answer #5

whats the different Linux and Mac?

Answer #6

you have to get a mac computer for mac to work properly if you transfer windows to mac it wouldn’t work correctly

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