Is Tunisia "safe" now?

I’m going there in April.. kinda worried :|

Answer #1

NO where is safe. Dont worry You’ll be fine. Just dont talk about bombs.

Answer #2

Well THAT’s comforting :| you’re scaring meeee! :( lol

Answer #3

I think that all places are safe and unsafe, so it might have a little bit of both. I think that it also depends on the place where you go and stuff. Best thing you can do is just have someone with you? Mind your buisness if you see something unsafe and have the emergency number if you need it?

Answer #4

I mean in terms of the mass riots that just took place forcing the Prime Minister too flee the country and throwing the government into political uproar?

Answer #5

That’s still several months away; things will probably be less tumultuous by then. If it’s unsafe for visiting then they won’t let you go.

Answer #6

I just mean, No where is safe. Theres always some type of risk when you walk outside your home, and even in your home. Theres no guarantee that you’ll always be safe. Now you can go out and have an adventure. Or stay inside your home and always wonder what it would be like.

Answer #7

Ohh. Yeah, I’m not that sort of person. It’s just that my parents were getting paranoid that maybe we should change our holiday for somewhere else ‘cause of all the riots etc. But as of last week they’ve started flying people out again and apparently it’s alright. We’ll be in a resort anyway so I’m not that concerned.. But since we’re taking my ten year old brother it wouldn’t be right to put him in a dangerous situation like that ‘cause he’s still so young, otherwise wouldn’t be all that bothered. But it’s cool now :)

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