Is Venezuela and the Islands around it there safe for USA tourist?

Me and my wife want to take a trip to Margarita Island Venezuela, but this worries me, I would not be carrying a M16 on this trip.

Answer #1

I would err on the side of caution and not go.

Answer #2

No. It all depends an where you go and stay. You can get an all inclusive trip or you can arrange with the hotel for all your sightseeing and shopping.

Answer #3

I will have to look at the inclusive, I have found that most people I have meet in Central and South America where great, but there are bad areas just like everywhere else and I would want to have a guide there that could help me with these.

Answer #4

Anywhere is as ‘safe’ or as ‘dangerous’ as the amount of research and investigation you do prior to going. I visited a country - twice - in the middle of a civil war, but it was pretty much ok, not a big deal at all.

However, in Costa Rica…long story, let’s just say I knew a guy that got robbed at gunpoint and I was threatened more than a few times - the local government and the US Embassy really didn’t care enough or do much in the way of trying to make things better.

So….I’d recommend a war torn country in the middle of civil war over Costa Rica, at least. And if you DO decide to go, do some research, talk to the hotel, find out where your local embassy is located, have their contact information, etc, etc.

Answer #5

This is why I was talking with avian she is from this area, and I know all about war torn countries been there done that, don’t want to go back. I have also heard this about Costa Rica and I am surprised because they try to promote themselves as a great place for foreign retirement.

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