Trying to get pregnant and nothings working

Well my fiance and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 5 months now and nothings working. In January I stopped taking the pill which I was on for a year. Over the last couple of months I have taken like 16 tests and we just want to be pregnant so bad but we cant see to get there. I have an ovulation kit and read the directions with it but still unsure of how to take it. Everything I see on the directions and online the days of you period can go from 28 to 40 and then theres none after that but mine go to 50!!! I will have a period one month then it will skip a month and come again or not for 2 more months! I am so down about this right now and would love any advice at all.

Answer #2

First of all, don’t get down, you’re just starting to have fun! Seriously, you have to make this fun if not what’s the point? You’ll just stress the hell out of yourself and your poor fiancé. Stop the pressure girl and learn to relax! So, if you were on the pill you have to wait at least 6 months until you get back to your natural hormonal cycle. The pill really effects how our bodies produce hormones and when you’ve been on it for a long time (and even a very short time) it can totally throw your body off. Ex.: skipping menstruations, no ovulations, etc. It can even take up to a year to have a normal ovulation cycle. Patience! Also, need I say that all this pressure and stress you are putting on yourself will only have the opposite effect on your health! Yes, it’s true. The fact that you are so concentrated on this and are letting yourself get really down about it can effect your ovulation and your hormonal cycle (ex.: skipping periods, etc). Try to relax and have confidence that with a bit of Patience and time you’ll get pregnant. Try concentrating on other stuff like doing fun and romantic things with your fiancé, go on holiday together, go away fro the weekend, learn to indulge in your couple life and live fully the last days of just be two. The more pressure you put on you and him, the less it will work. There are also lots of helpful hints on this website:

Answer #3

Thanks for all your help and I checked both those websites they really didnt help much because all they said was I need to see a doctor. Maybe I do but being 17 with a 20 yr old fiance I dont think my doctor would help much or give me fertility drugs or something. Last time I went to see him was just for a preg test since I thought I was preg and he was like you shouldnt be trying to get preg what if you and the guy arent together in years (which we would be married right now except for my parents have good insurance that will cover me and a baby till im 21) and just so much other stuff if I would have known his wife got preg at 16 and had 2 kids not by him then married a doctor then I would have cussed him out. My mom doesnt want me going to anyone else yet shes kinda supportive. Right now we arent on good terms and have been argueing over things so I cant ask her about things right now. It just kills me just to be around other babys, or even go to school because my school is one that has a lot of preg girls.

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