he loves me and that he wouldn't cheat on me, but I don't trust?

my boyfriend tells me he loves me and that he wouldn’t cheat on me and he also says that he want break up with me for anybody in the world but sometimes I get this feeling that he is cheating on me or that he wants to break up with me and when I ask him he swears to me that it isnt true what should I do

Answer #1

you just have to learn to trust him. nobody really knows when a guy is lying but it’s the trust that you give them that makes it worth while. I told my boyfriend the other day “baby you could tear me apart so easily, but I trust you enough not to.” you’ll figure it out :)

Answer #2

if neither of you is cheating right now, just give it time. You will be… either your insecurity will become so unattractive, you will push him away, or you will not be able to trust him. Then you will blame him, then you will leave him. If you saw yurself as “the prize” this wouldnt even be an issue. Work on your self image, and this will never cross your mind again.

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