Is it true that vaseline make your eyelashes grow?

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I don't believe so.

It may make them more noticeable, but I don't believe it will actually make them grow.

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no, apparently olive oil can make your lashes grow a tiny bit when applied to your eyelashes every day for over a month, i tried it ages ago and it worked for me. vaseline wont though, it will just make them appear longer

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I've tried it and I havent seen them get longer but it makes them darker and conditioned.
I curl my lashes first before i put it on.
Im not sure if its just my lashes but they have become fuller but I have asian eyes.
the only way to find out is trying it

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No. Do not put anything close to your eyes unless it is recommended by the doctor. I have been told that skin in the eyes area is the most sensitive of all part in our face.

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No but pepper sauce does. Not serious there. please dont pepper sauce anywhere close to your eyes. They were stressing that it will appear that they have grown because the Vaseline would have stretched them out.

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i put vaseline on my eyelashes. it made them for noticable but kind of longer.

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It doesn't necessarily make them longer, but like hair it does condition them.

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It says so on 'Angus Thongs and perfect snogging.' Lol!

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