True that pulling on your skin makes it grow?

Is it true that pulling on your skin makes it grow?

Answer #1

makes it grow? That’s new. Yes, it expand but it causes wrinkles in later life and it’s not as if you are going to grow into it. So… ultimately not a good idea. Unless you going for the “older look”. :-D

Answer #2

Stretching your skin can make you sore and give you wrinkles in the future… So if I were you I wouldn’t do it.

Answer #3

skin doesn’t grow, it stretches - thats why most of us have stretch marks in areas.

Answer #4

nope it just makes your skin sore

Answer #5

no it wont go but you could stretch it a lil bit

Answer #6

why do you want wrinkles???

Answer #7

I think not.

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