Is it true that if you're sexually active during the first times, the period cycle will stop for a little while?

My friend told me that because i havnt had mines for 3 months already. I took a pregnancy test and said i. negative Please help..

Answer #1

no it cnt stop beacause its in the blood it cnt stop

Answer #2

no, that’s not true. I’m not sure how it could be as being sexually active whilst using the right protection would affect that.

Answer #3

I actually heard kind of the opposite. That if you haven’t gotten your period yet and you have sexual intercourse that you can start it … Vice versa I’m not sure about. I think if you’re really that worried, to get checked out by a doctor. That’s really the surest way to know what’s up…

Answer #4

i don’t think it does..

Answer #5

No. It might be a bit inregular but it does not stop all together.

Answer #6

sometimes when i have sex before my period is about to come it will delay it for a couple days…i don’t know why it happens but it usually does.

Answer #7

but i’v had my period for a long while now maybe about 8 years and it still happens.

Answer #8

No. The only reason for sex stopping your period is if you get pregnant. If its been three months, and you were regular before, go to a doctor for a pregnancy test, and a general checkup.

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