Is it normal for a tampon to stop your period?

Okay, well yesterday I started my period (not for the first time) but anyways, today was the first time I wore a tampon and it was because I was going bowling and I was a little heavy…anyways I had a little trouble getting it to come out, but anyways I got it out and it didnt hurt or anything. And that was like about 15 minutes ago or so, and I just checked my pad and there isnt ANY blood. Is this normal? What could this mean? (I’m the girl who was worried I was pregnant I didnt have sex, but b/f might’ve had precum on his fingers when he rubbed me)

Answer #1

No tamons dont stop your period

Answer #2

You may have had too big of a tampon in there for what your flow was and it just absorbed everything and took awhile for your blood to build up and release again.

Poor thing! Ahhhh to be young again. Thank god I’m not there anymore!

Answer #3

Your not preg. Calm down its all kool and it happens alot its perfectly normal. Mine will be like that and somedays I wont have one others I will some days I will in the morning and then not the afternoon but I will at night.

Answer #4

its ok this must have happend cuz u had ur tampon on a long time it takes time and no ur not pregnat !

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