Is it true that girls should not eat any chocolate, drink any milk, or eat any spicy foods while on the cycle.

Answer #1

only a guy would think that -.-

Answer #2

:O THESE ARE LIES!!!!!!!!!! Well not the Spicy foods parts. But Warm milk does ease the pain a bit.(plus I drink milk about 5+ tiimes a day I can’t live with out it. O___e) And Chocolate is ok too, just don’t eat to much or your cycle counld be a little more painful. :] I like telling my dad when im on my period b/c it scares the s* of him XD

Answer #3

OUCH !! It is 2011, right… ???

Not 1911…

Answer #4

….:[ Awwww I don’t get it!!!…reslly

Answer #5


Answer #6

your right i heard it from a guy lol

Answer #7

he is saying that that is old fashioned kind of like leaches to get rid of diseases its not true

Answer #8

If it is then I’ve been doing the wrong thing for years.

Answer #9

me too lol

Answer #10

O…..God I feel slow now :[

Answer #11

Chocolate is a miracle worker for me when im on mine. It relaxes me and makes me feel better, its way better than any midol!!!! lol

Answer #12

Well ya it is true, especially the chocolate

Answer #13

No anathing that is said you can’t do is not true, there is not a single thing different about you when your on your period other than possible pain and what you use to cover up. I’ve heard all kinds of stuff like that, like you should not shower while on it, no spicy food, and stuff like that. Its not true, most of it comes from a culture as that people keep, but its not realistic.

Answer #14

No, none of those things are particularly harmful while on your period. But it is good to avoid salty foods because they can make you extra bloated :/

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