Is it true that you can't eat heated mayonnaise, because once it's heated it becomes poisonous?

Answer #1

Mayonnaise is made from raw eggs…when you heat it to a certain degree and let it start to cool, it breeds bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

Answer #2

:/ Can I still eat it? Like re-heating subs/sandwiches with mayonnaise on them, or other foods made with mayonnaise?

Answer #3

As long as it was refrigerated beforehand, and you eat it hot, and not let it cool to room temperature, it should be fine.

Answer #4

uhhh… i eat heated mayonnaise once O.o

Answer #5

I’m pretty sure that mayo bought from the store is perfectly fine because it contains preservatives and the eggs that are used are first pasteurized.

The most the heating would do to the eggs is denature the proteins, but as with any food it should probably be refrigerated after heating.

If you heat it and eat it you’ll be fine.

Just be sure to refrigerate it afterwards.

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