Is it true that if you drink coke & eat poprocks your head will explode :O?

I’ve always been told that since i was little. o.o

Answer #1

no it is not true, unless there was some way to make your head and GI tract airtight.

Answer #2

No lol we’d have many headless people walking around :D

Answer #3

They probably wouldn’t be walking around. LOL :)

Answer #4

oh :c

Answer #5

I think pop-rocks do have a certain reaction that is strong, but not nearly strong enough to make a head explode. Just like Mentos and Diet Coke, they have a really big reaction. I don’t really recommend doing any of these combinations just for fun or curiosity.

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Answer #7

i would not think so lol

Answer #8

No, it’s a myth.

Answer #9

Your head won’t explode, but trust me, I’ve mistakenly done it 4 times, and I did get very serious stomach ache.

Answer #10

lol it will just comeout ur mouth and nose (and maybe your eyes) and will burn so freaking badly.

Answer #11

I seen on TV where they were saying it was a myth, and did a little experiment to show it was a myth. They took a balloon, and filled it with pop rocks. Then, stretched the balloon over the top of a coke bottle. Then they let the pop rocks slide in. The balloon represented our mouth, or stomach. The balloon expanded, but not much. Therefore, it would do the same in your mouth or stomach. It will not expand your head, or stomach enough for it to explode.

Answer #12

That sounds like a reasonable and very interesting experiment, and it answers this question very clearly. I might actually try this experiment my self.

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Answer #15

I wanna try it..:o

Answer #16

Yep! It was pretty cool. :]

Answer #17

No it won’t. -__-

Answer #18

Didn’t think so. LOLOL

Answer #19

Nooo. Haha. I’ve done it before. And my head did not explode. x)

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