Will sneezing with your mouth and nose plugged make you explode?

If you are about to sneeze and plug your nose and your mouth just before you do. . what would happen would it go out your ears or would your head Explode. . .

Answer #1

I don’t think so… supposedly it could cause enough pressure on your brain to kill ya though …no wait that’s if you hold it in… …maybe… I would say try it, but I doubt would be a smart idea XD …no clue probably make your eyes bug out & pop your ears

Answer #2

yer it will most likely burst your ear drums, or your could even end up fracturing a rib or two in some casey so dont try that at home kids! no really dont, its a stupid idea

Answer #3

yeah, you would probably break your ear drums or your eyes could pop out(not fall out), but you wouldn’t explode. it’s just not good to hold in your sneezes.

Answer #4

OF COURSE NOT! I think I did it once, just got a headache except my nose wasn’t blocked or plugged, I head it the sneeze caught me by surprise. my mouth, I dont remeber (open I think)but, my nose felt funny, like when you drink soda sometimes

Answer #5

I think you’d break your eardrums…

Answer #6

I don’t think it will do anything it will probably just make your ears pop.

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