Truck Driving and Felonies

I have been an over the road truck driver for 18 months. Last year I really screwed up because I was fighting with my ex-wife in court because she illegally took away my visitation lying in court and getting away with it so I wasn’t thinking clearly and did something not only stupid but illegal and got caught. I have been convicted and am doing what I’m supposed to do so I don’t get in trouble again. I am working at a construction company now for very little pay especially considering what I made as a truck driver. I need to know where I can go to get back into a truk driving job or what I can do to get another truck driving job with a felony and not have to wait three years? Can anyone help me? Truck driving is the only job I’ve ever had that has truely made me happy. What do I do?

Answer #1

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  You don’t say what the felony was. If it could affect a company then it might make it difficult to find a company that would hire you. If it is something that is not really too likely to affect a company then you just have to keep putting in applications, being totally honest, until you find one that will hire you.

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