Why have all my tropical fish suddenly died?

one died last night….then all the water went really cloudy when i woke up this morning. we clean the water and trim all the plants atleast 1-2 times a week keep it at the same temperature and feed them 3 times aday.then today all 13 of them have died my dad thinks they’ve been poisoned.

Answer #1

It could have been that they all got a fungus or something, but I can’t see them having gotten it at the same and dying at the same time. You couldve been over feeding them.

Answer #2

well i never fed them it was always my mom and dad lol. not sure if they were over fed. thanks anyways connor :)

Answer #3

they wouldnt all die at the same time from over feeding thinks hmm no cus that would mean they were all eating teh same ammount and theres always a few more greedy than teh others. no deffo not over fed… did you alter the temp due the coldness? i would have thought that it would need to be increased as we’re neally in winter and its very cold at nights at the moment.apart from that what your old man thinks could be right. who was the last person in your house that isnt yourself, your mom or dad? i dont need to know but some people can be soo cruel so maybe have a think.

Answer #4

nah we dont alter the temp because its pretty warm as it is i dont want to fry them lol.and nope the fish tanks in the kitchen cause we had to move it about a month or two back…and no one goes into the kitchen so it couldnt be that they probably were poisoned because the water did go cloudy quite quickly when the first one died.thanks matt :)

Answer #5

could something have dripped accidentally into their tank? or, and this happened to me yesterday. i had a new bottle of worcester sauce and im pulling and the clip that keeps it sealed unknown to myself that im also pulling the cap. when i did eventually get it off i pulled it with such force that it went all over the place. took me near 45 mins to clean it up and some shot all over the top cupboards. if the cupboard hadnt stopp it it would have flew into my living room. im not saying that worcester sauce is to blame but you get what im saying lol

Answer #6

nahh because the tank lid is never up except for when were feeding them…and LOL you did that haha you plonka :) nah but serious we put this thing into the tank when we clean it not sure what it does though lol.

Answer #7

If the temperature in the water changes drastically tropical fish die and so do normal fish.

Answer #8

stupid i am yes lol

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