What are the treatments for babies that were exposed to her.oin in the womb?

I’m writting an essay and i can’t find any treatments :l

Answer #1

I’ve searched and searched and I cant seem to find anything either. I’ve found a buch of things on prevention of this, but nothing about treatment. =/

Answer #2


Answer #3

all i found was that a doctor may prescribe methadone to the mother while she’s still pregnant but thats about it the rest says nothing to do with the baby :l poor things prbly no cure for them :(

Answer #4

Yeah, I dont think there is a cure other than time. I mean, I believe they expirence withdrawl symptoms for a while like a user would.

Answer #5

You can’t treat it, it’s not an illness. There are interventions used. You’re probably using the wrong search terms. Look for interventions for her.oin exposed babies.

Answer #6

A baby born with an addiction has to go through the withdrawal phase. There is no actual treatment.

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