What are the consequences of a Tragus Piercing?

Heey I really want to get a tragus piercing but I’m worried about the consequences =/ Is it painful? I’ve heard so many rumours like ‘You’ll get paralysed if it goes wrong’ etc. I’m not guessing any of those are true.. Anyone here got it done?


Answer #1

im going to get it . TRUSt ME . you wont get paralized I heard you might get death .. its all false . its the outside of your ear ! all my friends have it nothing happened . my qodsister told me it doesnt hurt only the 1st days it feels like in infected ear which doesn’t hurt =)

Answer #2

I’ve had my tragus piercing for 3 months now and I love the piercing! honestly…I went into it thinking it would be the worst pain ever, but seriously it didnt hurt that bad. it was just uncomfortable for a bit when they pull the cartilidge to put the piercing in. I’ve gotten a keloid on it (that bubble right next to the piercing) and it comes back and goes away a bit but it doesnt hurt or anything. its a great piercing, so I would highly recommend getting it! good luck.

Answer #3

Thanks guys =] And yeaa I didn’t truly believe that paralysed thing lol Might get it done in a couple of weeks then..Cheerss


Answer #4

oo && if this helps 2 .. if it was soo dangerous it wouldnt be a pirecing =)

Answer #5

Here’s a picture for those of you who don’t know what it is =]

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