Tough Life

I’ve read your profile and you’ve said you had some trouble times in life and that using that you are trying to prevent others from making the same mistakes. Very noble by the way. My life has had its fair share of troubles and I’m 20 so I got plenty more to come.

My question is why do some become stronger by their troubles and others become decimated to the point they can’t do anything?

Answer #1

It’s just that people are indeed different - unique unto themselves, especially in how they handle adversity - their background, character, and faith play major roles in their ability to cope.

Answer #2

I agree with Spartan512- too often people sit there and feel sorry for themselves. The best way to fix the rut you fall into is to take action- even the smallest step can make a huge difference!

Answer #3

People give up hope. They say to their selves “There’s nothing I can do, oh well, poor me.” And give up just like that. Strong willed and determined people will always pull their selves out of the rut on their own.

Some people need to realize that they are stronger than they think. And everyone is, the key is finding it.

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