Should I just totally disregard my brother from now on?

My younger brother is a controlling psycho.. if I don’t do something he wants me to do (or do something he doesn’t want me to do) he gets furious and says and does hurtful things.. The most recent incident, he found out I wasn’t a virgin anymore, and he said I’m nothing but a slut, no one ever has or ever will really love me, and that I probably have sex with any guy that gives me a second look (which I don’t, for the record) He says what he wants, and then a week later acts like nothing happened. I’m so sick of it, it’s finally taking it’s toll on me… I’ve tried talking to him and that doesn’t work… so what do I do?

Answer #1

Ignore him. Tell him his a stupid naive jerk & that if he keeps it up with that attitude noone is going to want HIM.

He’s younger than you, you dont have to listen to him. Me being who i am would say something like “You think im a sl*t ? Ask your bestfriend how he liked my sex ;)” Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire :]

Youre amazing btw :]

Answer #2

my sister is a lot like that. She will completely over-react over something that has nothing to do with her, and then, a few days later she acts like nothing has happened. I just tell her to grow up and ignore her when she acts like that. You cant really reason with them, you can hope they grow out of it and not let them get to you.

Answer #3

I fought fire with fire in another way that I won’t post up here lol… but it’s honestly draining me… like, he gets physical and he’ll try and pull the ‘’you’re an adult, you’ll go to ja!l if you touch me’’ card… ugh.. he’s just very unreasonable when he doesn’t get his way. And you are too Irene :) <3

Answer #4

He’s the kind of person that tries different things until he sees it getting to you.. Siblings are so evil! lol

Answer #5

I agree. it sucks.

Answer #6

I know what you mean, my sister will keep going until you cant ignore her anymore. I had to find a way to turn the tables to it gets to them, not you and then they leave you alone! With my sister, just ignoring her doesnt work, but ignoring her, and telling her every few minutes to grow up, or talk to me when you have a bit more maturity seems to do it! She gets really worked up and then she leaves me alone!

Answer #7

Wow, sounds like my sister when she acts like a rude b*tch to me. Lol.

Take it from me, ignore it. It’s a waste of your good time to deal with a little sh*thead like him. He’s doing it because one of three things, Moe.

  1. He feels emotionally and physically insecure that he has to go around putting you down in order to feel better. This could be some sort of disorder in his wee brain of his.

  2. He has a small pen*s and feels like he is not man enough to face the world. This in turn, causes him to distort and modify his environment and the people around him, so that he is the ‘center’ of his own universe. I call this the Aristotle mentality. :)

or 3) He knows you will get frantic and uncomfortable if he acts in a certain manner, so he tries his best to do harm. His brain is just not yet evolved enough to distinguish empathy yet so he acts like a little girl whose got her panties in a twist.

The rare result is that he is all three of these things. In this case, dig up some dirt on his life and threaten him with it. If this doesn’t work, just tell him he’s too childish for anyone to ever consider his existence in this universe.

He also forgets to acknowledge the fact that HE can go to ja*l for physical harm to you. Just because he’s a minor, doesn’t mean he can’t be tried in court as an adult in the situation. Do your best to inform him that emotional and physical abuse doesn’t just occur in relationships, but in families too.

Hope I gave you some insight. :D

Answer #8

I go with all of the above. :P

Answer #9

He broke his own hand, by the way…. for being stupid.. So I guess my sluttiness came back and wham!

Answer #10

I do think he is #2. Lol, the Aristotle Mentality. God, where do I come up with this stuff. :D But he does exhibit characteristics from all 3 scenarios. I just hope his brain evolves fast enough so that he can comprehend the size of his manhood and grow some mature qualities that people like. Right now, he’s just a pure child in my eyes. If I saw him, I’d probably hurt him just for hurting you. >:(

Answer #11

They think he’s bipolar, but he refuses to do anything or see anyone about it.. so… here I am… minding my own business and .. well you know lol. And thanks, I’m flattered haha

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