Are torrents legal?

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Depends on what you are downloading. If you are downloading copyrighted content that you do not have rights to than it is not legal. If you are downloading something public domain or something with a license allowing downloads than it is legal.

I download Linux DVDs all the time using torrents and it is perfectly legal. Someone downloading commercial albums or movies they didn't buy is breaking the law.

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You have to pay for music, and games...or it's illegal.

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what if a person downloads movies, music, pics, and only for his or her viewing only

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Even if you don't redistribute copyrighted content it is illegal to download it if you aren't legally entitled to it. Currently people caught doing this receive heavy penalties since the music industry has been pressuring prosecutors to make examples of pirates.

Note that torrents go both ways, You are distributing the data you have already downloaded.

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No. The torrent file it's self isn't illegal, but using the file to download copyrighted material is. The only material that is NOT illegal to download would be open source programs and files, or files which the original artists distribute on their website for free to download.

All files that *are* free and legal to download will not require you to use a torrent to download in most cases, though. The artists, programmers, or developers otherwise will have the content for you to download from their page. So.. I'd recommend doing it the proper way, to insure you're not stepping on shaky legal grounds.

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