Are my legs too thin to go out in public?

Are my legs too thin for public view?

Answer #1

Get over yourself, puh-lease. Stop fishing for compliments, on the internet?! Yes, your legs are very slim. Happy? And anyways, If they where ‘too thin for public view’, would you be posting 893758 pictures of them? No. Didn’t think so.

Answer #2


Looks around in dictionary for that word

Nope can’t find it. :) – Just kiddin’ with you.

You might think it’s a weird question but it’s not against the Terms of Service, so we just put up with them. :)

Answer #3

I agree with ‘belindaleigh’ and also… the one picture, the leg looked rather hairy.

Answer #4

skinny legs, big knee.

Answer #5

If you r worried about how skinny your legs are than go to tha damn gym and stop complaining about it.if your so worried about your legs that means ther is somethin wrong with them.I got skinny legs too but you don’t see me posting stupid questions all over the net.go to the gym and do squats,dead lifts,leg extentions,and lunges.your legs will get bigger,along with your body…because when you work out your legs and chest,you release testoterome throughout your whole body

Answer #6

Ya just saying, if you honestly thought your legs are too thin for the public to view, you wouldn’t post them on a PUBLIC website!!! Nice going :)

Answer #7

No, but you should go with them, just to make sure they stay out of trouble.

Answer #8

Get some muscle on those legs. girl… Mine are slim too but they have calves.

Answer #9

Thats because it was an arm, ‘stephanief987’ xDD

Answer #10

I agree with superfly STUPIT QUESTION!!!

Answer #11

Hahahaha omg. Arent I just so smart, oopss hahahaha. My bad, I thought it was like all legs because of the user name and such

Answer #12

who the hell cares !!! stupid question!!! you should get smacked for this seriously I would like give you a smack attack

Answer #13

you really are kinda skinny. doesnt mean you cant go into public. but I would put some meat on your bones kido.

Answer #14

how do you look at tha pics to this question

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