How do you hide a tongue ring?

How do you hide a tongue ring?

Answer #1

when you talk don’t open your mouth too wide.

thats what my sister did and then one day she told my mom and she was cool with it.

Answer #2

lol thats why I want it

Answer #3

dont talk pretend your mute ;)

Answer #4

haha mute. . . ..

Answer #5

If your doing it yourself, then you don’t need to go anywhere. But if it’s professional and your under 18 you’ll have to have a parent or guardian. It depends on where you go to get it done at.

Answer #6

cause I dont want my rents knowing im doing it myself I’ve done it before but then I got braces so when I get them off im doing it again how old do yiou have to be to o without a parent I heard 16 or 18

Answer #7

A retainer is a clear tongue ring. You can buy one at walmart or basically anywhere you go. You can’t really see it, unless you make it noticable. Why would you want to hide it ?

Answer #8

Well I hid mii belly button ring from mii mom for a good 5weeks L0L umm idkk about a tongue ring maybee just try not opening your mouth tew much in front of your parents just like don’t open it tew wide or sumthin? L0L that’s all I cud really think of! Good Luck:)

Answer #9

you can’t really hide a tongue ring!!! seriously… I mean you could get a clear barbell, but even then you can still see it… sooner or later you’ll slip!!!

Answer #10

You can hide a tongue piercing. I am actually getting mine done in about a week and a half and my job doesn’t allow visible piercings. Get a retainer. You will not be able to spot it unless you stick your tongue out and go “LOOK GUYS! LOOK LOOK LOOK, I GOT A CLEAR TONGUE RING.” Then, they may notice, otherwise they won’t. But, I would advise you not to do it yourself, that isn’t very clever. However, if you do get it done (by whomever) it can be a bit difficult to hide it for about the first week or so (everyone is different) because of the swelling it can cause you to talk a little funny.

Answer #11

lol you can talk without showing it lol my friend has a toung ring for 2 years and her parants dont know

Answer #12

I’ve heard of a retainer for it whats that?

Answer #13

you keep it in your mouth you dont yawn you chew with your mouth closed and you dont open your mouth wide aounef to see percienge lol pretty simple

Answer #14

You don’t talk. Doesn’t seem like a bright idea.

Answer #15

hahaha what ya want to hide it for lol I got one and just dont yawn around them and chew wit ya mouth closed lol

Answer #16

lol thats why I want it

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