How hard is it to hide a tongue ring?

how hard would it be to hide from parents until it’s healed and I can put a spacer in? is it noticable when the barbell is in?

Answer #1


It’s hard to hide. It’s pretty visible, especially when talking. The first few days, it is swollen, painful, and you can’t talk well. Also, you can’t eat except for soups and stuff. I’ve had mine since I was 14 and I’m 23 now…my Mom knew but my Dad didn’t. He found out the second day. I’d just get their permission or wait til you’re 18.

Answer #2

Its hard, trust me, i’ve had mine done. Your tongue will swell up width and thickness wise for up to a week, you won’t be able to eat or talk properly, and you’ll play with the bar, so don’t think you’ll get away with it because you won’t i’m afraid. I had mine done at the age of 40 and tried to hide it from my parents ha ha. One warning though, be prepared to ruin your teeth.

Answer #3

What the heck are people doing that’s “ruining their teeth” so much? Crazy! Maybe they ought to stop flinging their tongue against their teeth? ;) I still don’t get that.

Anyway, yes.. it’s hard to hide. Maybe not after it’s healed, but right after its done, it’s the most obvious. My personal experience was that I couldn’t even speak without a horrible HORRIBLE lisp while the longer barbel was in my tongue during healing. People couldn’t necessarily SEE the barbel, but the moment I’d go to say anything, it was obvious I had something in my mouth, haha. It does swell during the first week, and you definitely can’t eat correctly for a couple weeks. The first 5 days you’re lucky to just drink soup - or at least that’s how mine was. :) Im in my 20s and don’t live with parents or anything, but still got the “Oh My! You did WHAT!?” reaction from my mother, but you know.. if this is something you want to do, just be open about it. It’s your own body. Plus, SO many people have the wrong idea about tongue piercings. Im SO quiet and reserved, but I did it. Not everyone who gets one is a weirdo, etc.. and they don’t all look horrible, huge, and obvious. I guess theres just a bad stereotype out there about stuff like this. Prove to your parents that this is not the case with you. :) Good luck. Its worth it. Once its done, its done! :)

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