Is Tom and Jerry a good cartoon for kids to watch?

Does it contain educational value? Or on the contrary?

Answer #1

I don’t believe it has any educational value because of the violence. There is no speaking, and the cat and mouse just go around trying to k!ll each other. I don’t see anything positive a child could learn from watching it.

Answer #2

It teaches lessons regarding how the smaller one can even the adds against the big one by such things as using a frying pan to flattening the face, or drop an anvil on the head, or arrange a chase over a loose carpet so the chaser falls out of an upstairs window.

All good fun really, and taught me a lot about one-up-man-ship.

Answer #3

no real value.. yet, the sensors now edited all the extremely violent ones here in the US. but if youre not too picky on what kids should watch, then let them…

Answer #4

Educational value? Nahh. It’s still fun to watch though. I still watch it, and I always have.

Answer #5

Garbage !! Try giving them something from Discovery, NatGeo or History- even Sesame Street is better…

If they MUST have cartoons how about Yogi Bear-

Might be better if they skipped the TV and learned to enjoy reading or artwork…

Answer #6

I like your advice, however it is really hard to forbid them from watching it when I see them laughing all the way… now I start wondering if the cartoon might influence their mental growth.

Answer #7

Who cares? Like seriously? It’s a cartoon. I somehow managed to graduate at 16, top of my class and yes I watched Tom and Jerry. Oh and yes I also read a lot. As if watching TV somehow makes you read less. All this B.S. as if watching something or listening to something is going to mold you. Unless your parents are doing a completely crap job, it shouldnt matter whether you watch a bloody cartoon!

Answer #8

How old are they?

Answer #9

3, 6, 9 and 11

Answer #10

i grew up on tom and jerry and i loved it, my whole family does still!!:D

Answer #11

My hubby love watching them so much too, and the kids join him. So I was a bit concerned.

Answer #12

i dont think a cartoon must always have an educational value to it, what happend to watching it cause its funny isint that what a cartoon is for ? Well anywyas in my opinion its probably the best cartoon ever, my family still watches it today together whenever its on the television…

Answer #13

IDK if there is anything “good” about it, but its not really bad for to watch IMO. Also long as you are teaching your kids the difference between reality and fiction, and teaching them decent values I really don’t seen it being harmful. But it really comes down to a personal choice of whether you want your kids to see it.

Answer #14

I think it’s alot better than some of this cartoon crap they have today. But that’s just my two cents.

Answer #15

yeah. It put me in a good mood when I was little

Answer #16

but thats nature. Kids will see a cat trying to kill a mouse probably in their lifetime. It would be a different story if its two people trying to kill each other. And Tom or Jerry never killed each other in the cartoon show.

Answer #17

Why wouldn’t it be? It’s fun. It involves a m@rderous kitty, and an adorably pesky mouse. How much more fun could that get?

Answer #18

Hopefully they do not imitate what they see in hat film.

Answer #19

You will never be able to judge a cartoon for your kids because your mind is not as innocent as theirs. I’m all grown up now and I never thought for one second that Ernie and Burt could be gay. Lol.

Answer #20


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