Do you get charged for internet and e-mail with the iphone?

in the furture im playing on buying the iphone but im not sure yet because I was wondering would my phone pervidor charge me for internet and email even though its already included and built in threw the cell phone threw wi-fi connection

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From what I understand, you will be charged for accessing the Internet. There's a story online about this guy who was charged $1400 because his iPhone automatically checked his e-mail every hour and he didn't realize it.


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You will be charged for both on a per use basis, or you can get packages that allow so many megabytes / uses per month. The CAPABILITY for both is built into your phone but you still have to pay to use them.
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To go into more detail about the"guy who was charged $1400" story, it is true. However the details was that he was traveling through europe and did not know that for his phone to keep his email current that it would dial back to the US costing him long distance charges. AT&T currently does not have iPhone service or a contract with a carrier outside of the US that allows you to "roam" without charges.

The simple fix is that when traveling outside your service area, disable your email and web access on the iPhone. As for being charged to access the internet, depending on the plan you signup for in most cases your internet access is included with your iPhone account. However, I believe there is a time limit or bandwidth limit mentioned in the account.

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