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By what I have read on this site I am pretty sure im in love..the thing is im confused as to whether the has any interest in me let alon ehim loving me... it all started 5 years ago when we both were in secondary school (different ones)... my family and this guys family were very close we came together almost everyday... and through family and local friends we got on very well... but then 2 years later both families moved to new areas and we only saw eachother after schools and journeys home... then suddenly we wer not in touch anymore and our parents even kept it to the occasional phone call or 3 years on I still spend 89% of my time thinkingabout him...the rest im sleeping... the thing is neither of us have gotten in to a serious thing... and when we meet on the street (like 2 a week) we keep it to the occasional hi, how you doing stuff... I see he has a feel for me by the way his face lits up and the way he always always introduces me to his friends when I meet them together... but is this a guarantee he has a feel in me 5 years on ror is it just me exagerating...? if he does have a feel in me how do I make the move...?