Tips to GAIN weight.

I’m underweight, not by a lot. I would just like to be thicker. I have an extremely high metabolism and no matter how large the portions I eat, I cannot seem to gain weight! I’m also a vegetarian, have been for four years. Quitting isn’t an option.


Answer #1

why do you want 2 gain weight?…u looks good …

but still if you wanna do that you can try some protein powder(like body mass)

Answer #2

This May Sound Abit Odd. But My Cooking Teacher Said If You Eat Fast Then You Can Like Gain Weight More Easliy. But If You Eat Slow Then Well You Wont Really Gain Weight. Im Not Sure If It Works But Giv It A Try.

Answer #3

Yeah, I’ve heard peanut butter is a healthy way to gain weight. It also contains the protein I need as a vegetarian. It isn’t an option because there is so much hormones in meat that once you don’t consume it for a vast amount of time, it can cause severe damage to your digestive system. Especially at my fragile body mass.

Answer #4

To gain weight you need to eat more than what your body uses in a day it depends on your height, amount of activity and eating habits since your a vegetarian its even more difficult since you need fat to gain weight. Eat a lot of Peanut Butter if you can also candy and soda but that’s not very healthy. Why is quitting not an option?

Answer #5

Gaining weight is easy for most people, but if you have a high metabolsim you still have to be careful because before you do anything ask your doctor about what you can do. because if you go from eating healthy and then out of no where start pigging out and eating all the time it could really cause body problems and you dont want that to happen. hope I helped.

Answer #6

Maybe to snack on stuff… between meals, that might work =]

Answer #7

I’ve been trying to gain weight also., and what I have been trying has been working so far…I have been eating rice or potatoes with EVERY meal and I have been making my portions significantly larger. I have also been waking up at like 4 in the a.m. to eat leftovers from the nights dinner (which includes rice or potatoes). I’ve only been at it for a week, and so far I have gained 3lbs…hope it works for you too! GOODLUCK

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